TRAI Regulations – The Complete Guide


TRAI Regulations – The Complete Guide

TRAI Regulations – The Complete Guide

TRAI Regulations – The Complete Guide

In this blog, we will discuss the new regulations imposed by TRAI on commercial communications (DLT portal) – SMS  in India!

Before proceeding, let us know What is TRAI?

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is a statutory body set up by the Government of India under section 3 of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997. This body regulates the telecommunication sector, adjudicates disputes, dispose of appeals, and protects the interest of the service providers as well as the consumers.

Starting on 08th March 2021 many of the banks and commercial businesses have faced the problem of delayed SMS (OTP) for bank transactions, aadhar card updates, and so on.

This happened because of the implementation of a new SMS regulation by the TRAI known as Scrubbing. As per its guideline –

  1. Every SMS content with a registered template must be verified before it is delivered
  2. Unregistered sources will be rejected
  3. Blockchain-based technology or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that checks header, sender ID, and content.

With this, all transactional and promotional messages are supposed to have a standard template that has to be registered by the telecom operators. The content of the SMS will be verified and only then will it be allowed to deliver to the customers.

Telecom gave March 7 as the deadline to comply with the regulations, however, many businesses and marketers didn’t comply due to which their delayed SMS to the customers is causing major chaos.

Keeping this in mind, the TRAI then issued a notice stating that it will give another 7 days time to the businesses to get them registered under the new implementation after which the companies not registered will be banned from sending any SMS to its customers.

“Blockchain will ensure two things — non-repudiation and confidentiality. Only those authorized to access details will be able to access subscriber details and only when they need to deliver service,” the then TRAI Chairman R S Sharma quoted.

Every telecom service provider will have a different platform where the businesses/companies can get registered following a few simple steps. Moreover, the registration fees will depend on the service providers.

This implementation is for the betterment of the customers!

The government has also issued a helpline number where people with any query can contact them for further details.

In case of any clarification, Shri Asit Kadayan, Advisor (Quality of Services) may be contacted at 011-23230404 or email

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